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tv   Headline News  RT  July 7, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this story extra out one same time there's a reason they don't want him to. go in the freezer. now let's break the set. tillery zeroes in on eastern ukraine the second biggest metropolis a city already packed with refugees walking fears of a new accident also. they came up behind me pick me up for a moment for. you to point me in the face and one conjures israeli security forces under fire for the latest wave of violence in gaza our team is a palestinian boy who claims to have been savagely beaten by police. and the sagal berlin trying to repatriate or at least to audit its gold held and gold across the atlantic as well as adults saying america now has germany dancing to its shoot out to explain why.
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welcome to you we're live from moscow you with us here on r t international i'm to say uganda a city of half a million people in eastern ukraine has reportedly come under government shelling leaving one dead and others wounded. can't go says it had nothing to do with the bombing bodman did insist the anti-government fighters and those that it calls terrorists the city they already control the two sides have also been skirmishing elsewhere with ukrainian tanks abroad into action.
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it's all a feeding a refugee exodus into the eaves to people awfully to other cities temporary camps and even abroad where they perceived to be safe were afraid often i met some of their youth who have made their escape. they have packed only the basics mostly warm clothes to keep the children alone but he was forced to leave their home town of kemah tours in and out wheeling children and entire families it wasn't an easy decision. to go about. and you post this in the studio because the north if you don't use it for good you would just a big feast the pigs again if this is just to do what it would feel
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if i posted to fish because it is a feel it's feel right it's hard to say how many people have fled climate towards the city that's been the target of kiev's michu gratian for months even when the army raised the ukrainian flag over the town the refugees kept coming here is. that. this is really for the war looks good to you. but i thought good thing you know. but it. was a. local not talking is it a why did. you want to come back. to the club many
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of those who have fled that we're forced to leave their relatives behind. ministers husband is still unclear whether so what. rather subtle subtle our russia is the closest safe haven for many years a new refugees the u.n. says a hundred thousand have crossed the border into russia to figure the country's federal migration says could be full of tons hung it has cost in the buddha could be dangerous fighting for numerous ted rowlands as fears and there are reports of civilians being cool to in the crossfire or even targeted themselves here a call drives up to a border post is forced to turn around on heavy fire. the family we spoke to had to change their plans after seeing just how hard it was even
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to get close to the checkpoint they decided to try their luck at another crossing that asked our spinup to join them worried with a tract unnecessary attention. would continue the journey and. it used to be a crime and checkpoint but as you can see now it's abandoned there is absolutely nobody here because crawls freely as you can see the ukrainian border guards left the russian side of the checkpoint seventy or no then the ukrainian russian border people here crossed day and now it's you can see there are many of them running strong. bolland's their motherland this is one of the few places along this front here where there are no clashes but people are jittery already defined could break out here as well at any moment both are good but much of what. you do. the most abortion for. the border and the safety beyond it is now just steps away
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with just one or even if these people will be able to go home it's far from clear. brief notion r.t. in eastern ukraine. there is also active on her twitter account to where she is publishing pictures and reports of what she encountered while in eastern ukraine feel free to follow her there. to some of the results of the last few days let's take a look at this map we have here for your kids onslaught has certainly borne fruit and to government forces have been forced out of for thirty's but the brunt of of the offensive has fallen on civilians as well as on the infrastructure now this is footage of a church destroyed during an air raids near the city of kramatorsk the town has been under siege and targeted in shelling for almost two months thousands are said to have fled and a number of buildings have been damaged. anti government forces are now
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digging in around major metropolis in the east they say they will be able to defend that the team better and help prevent artillery shelling. chronicling events in the east as they happen and as of last october all videos and analysis on the web site at r.t. dot com. right here is protesting to show no sign of easing in the palestinian cities with more reports of these raiding forces brutally fueling the flames people are calling for revenge against israel after the continuous crackdown of the security forces on gaza and the latest show of violence a fifteen year old palestinian boy was allegedly severely beaten by police officers he is a cousin of a palestinian teen abducted and burned alive last week in jerusalem israeli police have already arrested six jewish suspects over them are the source of the stuff was
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floated in the event of the killing of three jewish teenagers which israel blame from hamas policy i managed to catch up with a young victim of the police outrage. tariq of the deal was the last to see his cousin muhammad naive i said hi to him before he died ten minutes before he died he was going to run. driving by told him so i said i turned and he did the answers right back ten minutes later and then he got kidnapped and tonics truman did not in the. moments funeral he was arrested and brutally beaten up by israeli soldiers i was actually standing there watching the protest while i heard some people screaming from the left side of me i heard some people say the most out of me. and my number two or three soldiers so there was a friends in front of me or tried to jump the fence and i follow my face and the
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soldiers make a my mind me put me through a moment for. me punched me in the face and one conjures up and i woke up in the house or his mother says the soldiers intention was clear if you want to pick somebody you have to beat them up like this. everyone they treat maybe but not i mean i've never seen anybody to this extent. it's like attempted murder it's not the first time the i.d.f. has faced this kind of criticism we've documented many cases where palestinian youths were beaten by border police and by it's rare for these attacks to be filmed but it's not rare for them to happen this cinema has on its books hundreds of cases of the security forces using violence against palestinians but most were closed without any measures being taken against the soldiers or police involved these really police say the footage of tired being beaten up was heavily edited and
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altered and does not represent events accurately nonetheless tensions between the two sides continue to simmer and many fear it's only a matter of time before an already tense region will be pushed over the edge policy r t jerusalem. a senior adviser for the palestinians the biggest political party has some large believes israel uses every chance they can to further terrorize the region and keep it fragmented because is that of military occupation or country against the people and civilians because of sweeping call my zation it's very clear that those are exploited this incident to really publicize the event in a way to reveal its real intentions and its real intentions. to block the emergence of a palestinian state is to make sure that gaza will never come back to the west bank and palestinians would remain for fragmented have you heard any word that there is a story that would make you know an entire nation less seizure on communities
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because there are investigations and allegations so this whole collective punishment approach that israel has been using house to stop. a moment of all good manners are for the chief of the bloodthirsty islamic state movement now the infamous leader of flashes a watch that could be worth thousands of dollars during a speech calling on muslims to balancing his radical rule on this coming up. as a pillar of academic development goals has seen wars fought over it than it has been at the epicenter of one of the most serious diplomatic conflicts between germany and the u.s. after berlin failed to repatriate or at least to audit its precious metal reserves stored in new york arteries peed all over the story. there was a time when taking gold out of the u.s. federal reserve was only for hollywood to suggest. this story.
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and bruce willis to stop because of the financial crisis in europe soared germany decided it wanted to bring home a significant chunk of the precious metal from the united states despite the aim to ship three hundred tons to frankfurt by twenty twenty so far they've only managed to bring back just over ten percent of. the americans are taking good care of our gold we have no reasons for mistrust. not so say critics of the slow progress the six hundred thirty five billion dollars of gold in u.s. faults has never been fully inspected by germany on. why we haven't been allowed to escapes me i'm no conspiracy theories but the blunders bank should be able to audit the gold once a year like it does with the reserves in frankfurt. the lack of inspection has led some to question if it's still there even after at least one dk to ask when this
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bank and the fact that there is still no shred of evidence that the german gold is untouched in the new york morals we're still missing pretty sample published go bar number lists even though the us the federal reserve does publish these lists for their own gold germany has the world's second largest gold reserves worth one hundred and forty one billion dollars currently forty five percent of that is stored in new york thirteen percent in london eleven percent in paris although the three hundred seventy four tons in france is set to be all returned to germany the rest is in the bond buying vaults in frankfurt anyone questioning the safety of the gold reserves being left office conspiracy theorists by those in charge they say it's solid financial management. the bundesbank maintain that their plan is on track however they do face a potential logistical headache as they try and return almost seven hundred tons of
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gold from new york and paris bucky into germany safe and sound by the twenty twenty deadline these are all of a policy. this is a new york city where a quarter of the wealth existing reserves is locked up let's put a prospective on this for you and other results include some six thousand seven hundred tons of gold belonging to sixty countries that makes up for ninety eight percent of all precious metals kept in the treasury as only two percent of the gold in the vault is owned by washington and the international monetary fund i cannot make analysts michael ross i think this gives the us a crucial diplomatic nipple ation to in my opinion seems to turn back to control us all even black mail us if you have to gold you tell me what to do so it opens many questions
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also when it comes to the real serenity of germany also when it comes to all those scandals that we have for example in is a surveillance of civilians things here in germany it's only a symbol and ridiculous to you to in my opinion it is to make the public come budget it's not really an effort to take back the gold. coming up for you later on r t who's the lazy man all the year oh that's not the siesta loving me ads these days but to some brits. to a new report we'll tell you more. and how tough do you have to be to drive on the streets of moscow stay with us as we report on how city authorities have for the first time passed and the rest of the driving bill aimed at punishing the city's road rage.
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are useless in the middle east is said to reward a political realities in the region the west feel colonial agenda for the arab world is coming to an end it would seem the arab spring has been replaced with a jihadi summer. for. example if you know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albums. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our proximity we've been hijacked right handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on when we go beyond identifying problems. rational debate real discussion
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critical issues things to define ready to join the movement then walk the. thanks for staying with us the relentless iraqi offensive of militants from a group formerly known as isis has brought new terror to the one torn region and i pray and he in his for his video message they loose of leader of the radicals called all muslims to pledge allegiance to him but it was a message not all that well received there was a one detail that he learned attention away from his talks of hell brought to the hades of the nonbelievers that was his shiny watch experts claim the assessor reflash resembled an expensive a maggot hole rolex which could be worth thousands of dollars and the pictures
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weigh me to be ridiculed prompting confusion even among follow was later this hour today's edition of cross talk delve deeper into the radicalization of the middle east here's a sneak peek. what we're seeing is by and large not simply the aftermath of the arab spring but also very much part of the effects. by the american invasion of iraq i doubt if i go to you in washington i mean you get this situation where the u.s. is still obsessed with overthrowing saddam and then assad is going after isis and you have the iranians coming in to protect the government in baghdad i mean this is it gets complicated doesn't it it is very much and the middle east has always been complicated that are religious sick that he scored flex and the inevitable i and. old system doesn't alter want to go away and take some time for design
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a new imaging system. to make. just one point i have to say. this i agree with scott about that was the response aboard for a disordered daughter or instability in the middle east. for centuries they've been the driving force behind a country's economic success but now instead of the employees singing their praises british work is being criticized well being lazy but how did the accused feel about this playboy found out. the great british work force one that gave birth to an industrial revolution helped build an empire comparable the world the railway the telephone the jet engine thanks to t.v. brits may insist they still work their fingers to the bone but that actually found to be less productive than in countries like the us germany and even those old
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rivals france and former conservative deputy prime minister lord has all time says he knows why for the veteran heavyweight great star you get up early enough they aren't ambitious enough and they simply don't work hard enough tough as it was to steal myself from an afternoon down the pub i parked myself up to ask the successful entrepreneur whether he agrees that brits are just lazy unfortunately you know we have situations where they come in for interviews they've got no if you just churn off one charm the scruffy that's what we want to start we have a lot of people climbing beneficial people that want to go work and you know which is a fiction economy and obviously it's allowing us to bring in a lot of forwardness and employ actual fact you know i mean i want to be sure i am but it's a fact about ten percent of charlie's two hundred staff and now foreign and that figure is likely to grow because he says they simply pull their weight but try
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telling that to london's office workers who are quite frankly insulted but to cheat so you don't think brits are lazy absolutely no more not the working for example they work too many maybe compared to the coaches we have more the work life balance by don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. but now i would say when they see what we do work quite hard just because europeans i was here have already know how the summer holidays and they take time out also take time off and they are to me yeah it was a lot of them maybe in the office right now where. slughorn. and yet british by his juice about a bit less for every hour worked than any of the g. seven nations even celebrity employees like madonna accuse the brits of indolence top chef jamie oliver has said that his restaurants would close if they went to any european immigrants to work in them charlie mullins the work ethic starts at school
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i believe if we can my work more attractive then we're going to get a lot more people a lot more bricks in the workplace and we need to start this in school level you know we need to go into schools. questions will work of fiction fortunately you know with the white short the consequence according to the international monetary fund this month is that sly stone pose a major risk to britain's future economic health but if that's not enough to get brits off the couch perhaps charlie's an example of just how far good old fashioned british heart can get. to the point artie london web news for you online as well let's take a look right now if you want your child written to receive the best education all that's easier said than done as the soaring fees of british boarding schools mean educating one child alone in pasta around hot a million pounds head to our website and more. on the
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temperatures at the tsunami head focus she might nuclear power plant in japan risk exceeding maximum levels after a water leak falls at temporary shutdown of its cooling system all of the details to the story also on our team dot com. having anger management troubles that's certainly true for moscow drivers many of whom have been caught on camera violently attacking other traffic as all scott reports. unfortunately they sort of seeing a school too common in russia so common in fact will make his have recently for the first time one of the judges to receive a driving bail you're not punishing they used as a close to intimidate or harass for the uses of pain you say it's a step in the right direction however they still have concerns is a small legislation is all rationally getting tougher in russia but it forced me to
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just isn't in the toy it was to have a long way to go before we learn to. you know it's how do you control its enforcement how do you make sure it won't be abused as a gravy train by all the dirty cops at times central moscow resembles a car park rather than a road network stationary traffic from bumper to bumper as far as the eye can see even while speaking to dimitri examples of road rage where i think. there are many ways in which aggressive driving manifests itself driving too close to the car in front impatiently flashing your lights or sounding your horn and skipping a red line to just some examples and on occasions these displays of frustration to the other. so how common is aggressive driving we are some drivers caught in the moscow russia. road rage is all around men show no respect for female drivers fines this is what can happen i can see no other way just now i guess it's
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inevitable on the road it doesn't go as far as to killing somebody and that fights do take place and i was a witness to one and yes sure men do it especially often can you recall something particularly unpleasant given the middle finger. how do you respond paid you the same. so why do people become so aggressive behind the wheel limos and such people are probably prone to mood swings and on able to control themselves so road rage is just one manifestation of this disorder is just that the car gives you an aloof. and of a safer place to be the decision to close the aggressive driving bill shows your thirty's all keen to be seen to be addressing the issue but with a marksman fine of five thousand rubles around one hundred fifty dollars is a concern the deterrent isn't strong enough this could be seen for some time to grow. to more international news in brief now australia has joined the ranks of countries protesting against austerity policies mass
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demonstrations that have sparked small tenuously across the country against a prime minister's austerity budget that includes health and welfare cuts according to the organizers of the rally in sydney up to fifteen thousand people gathered in the central business district although police put the number at six thousand it is said to be the first rush over and against the budget in thirty years. no school has called for its all they are unable to put an end to current hostilities young has proposed measures to ease tensions on the peninsula the statement calls for issues to be settled without external interference and of course sold to suspend all bills three exercises planned with other states as a gesture towards peace reclusive country says it will also send a sport delegation with a cheerleading squad to participate in the asian games to be held in south korea. because show that in the space of the fourth of july celebrate true weekend in the us more than sixty people were reportedly shot in the city of chicago the incidents
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to place in different districts of the city the stocking data also sure that within a thirty six hour period local police shot five including a sixteen year old boy guns are widely available in the country and fatal shootings are extremely common recently a new law was passed in the us state of georgia that i lost my arms to be carried in all public spaces including churches. what you're seeing is a narrow escape that expects both say it bad weather could have been worth a russian airliner was coming in to land at buffalo ny it would want him to know. straight up the way that's done with the british. coming up next it's crossed up with peter lavelle but if you're watching in the u.k. . on named american drone wars. when
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people talk about human rights violations you should volves some pro western protesters getting beaten up and response with mainstream media is usually to bomb somebody somewhere so good thing they haven't picked up a story from detroit that the u.n. is calling a human rights violation residents of the motor city or well sadly the former motor city who are hundred fifty dollars or more behind on their water bills are getting their water shut off completely the detroit water and sewage department is five billion dollars in debt and that is a justification to crack down on deadbeats on the surface the seems like an open and shut case of course everyone has the right to water especially detroit which is near huge bodies of fresh water that other cities could only dream of but on the other hand if the poor don't pay for water then us taxpayers will be paying for it for them and that's not fair i think this is not so much a case of a right to water but a right to disemployment and a corruption free city government back when people in detroit had good salaries and a government that wasn't flagrantly corrupt they would have any problems paying for
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their water bills but that's just my opinion. this is what we do we kill people and break things. we can see something as simple as people playing soccer you can see individual players and you can see that. you can only see his facial expression you can see here. a mouth open and crying out. maybe curse death or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.